Jaws dropped when Hannah Brown stepped out of the limo during Peter Weber‘s season premiere. Although teasers showed the former Bachelorette star making an appearance, fans weren’t ready for their emotional reunion. The pilot made it to the final three of the Alabama beauty’s season before being sent home and it appeared that they still had some unfinished business.

“You look very handsome,” Hannah simply said when she walked up in a sparkly crimson dress. “You look very gorgeous. I was not expecting this,” he honestly replied.

Peter Weber Top 4 Contestants Spoilers Season 24
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They both acknowledged how “weird” it was for Hannah to be on the other side of things because Peter had stepped out of the limo to meet her just a few short months ago.

“Ugh, I’m nervous,” the former beauty queen began before giving him back a set of airline wings. “When I heard that you were going to be the Bachelor, I had mixed emotions, but when you said you wanted to find your copilot … I want you to find that person and so I brought these back for you.”

“I was wondering where these were. That means a lot,” Peter said, starting to tear up. Hannah was getting equally emotional and gushed, “You’re going to do great.”

PETER WEBER, HANNAH BROWN Connection on The Bachelor
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Fans definitely saw the chemistry, despite the two seemingly closing their romantic chapter. “Me knowing that Peter and Hannah B. belong to each other but knowing it won’t happen,” one person wrote on Twitter. “Hannah and Peter are still so into each other and it hurts,” someone else added. “There was more chemistry between Peter and Hannah B than anyone. I’m sad,” another tweet read.

Although the other contestants were freaking out to see the leading man’s ex walk in, he assured them that he’s ready to move on. “I know some of you may have seen Hannah,” he began his toast in front of everyone. “She stopped by and I fell in love with her, I truly did. And she gave me back my wings, that is what I had given her the first night. It was really cool and I appreciated it.”

Hannah showing up ended up having a positive effect. “If anything … just kind of seeing her tonight has just given me more hope, you know, moving forward – with all these beautiful ladies that this can happen again and I can find love,” he admitted. “And, thank you for being courageous to take this chance with me and see if we can’t find some magic at the end of this.”

He ended on a very sweet note. “You all look incredibly stunning. I am one lucky guy and I am so happy to be here. Let’s see what happens,” he continued. “With that being said, I want to raise my glass to all of you beautiful woman, may this be the beginning of the greatest love story we have ever seen. Cheers. Let’s get the party started, yeah!”

Bachelor Nation, let’s go!