From Southern belle to West coast girl! Former Bachelorette star Hannah Brown admitted that she is feeling homesick since moving to Los Angeles but doesn’t plan on going back home to Alabama. She’s been killing it on Dancing With the Stars and has already befriended A-listers like Demi Lovato, Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson. We would say she’s totally owning this huge transition across the country.

“Well it’s hard because I am not just moving to L.A. — I am moving to L.A. still on another show,” the 25-year-old explained to Life & Style and other reporters during the October 21 episode of DWTS. Two different reality shows brought her to the new city, but her goals are going to keep her there. “I think in one sense, it makes it hard to like settle here but in another, it keeps me focused on something … I don’t know if I really see myself moving back to Alabama. I feel like the Lord and just like my life, there’s so much more in store for me that I can’t even imagine, but I’d love a vacation before, so that starts after this.”

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten Southern Dance Costume Samba to Southbound by Carrie Underwood
ABC/Eric McCandless

She gushed that her partner, Alan Bersten, and the rest of the DWTS crew are like a “family” and are there for Hannah to “go through this crazy ride with together and gain wisdom and support.” The former beauty queen elaborated, “So I think just really putting my all into this right now has helped me feel like I have a dance family here for sure, so that’s been really great.”

Hannah opened up about feeling a bit homesick before her samba to “Southbound” by Carrie Underwood — a song that the Bachelor Nation babe said reminded her of home. The whole number had a Southern flare, which was extremely fun to watch.

“I just miss being on my couch with my Mom and my Daddy, watching a movie after dinner, and playing with my dogs. I kind of miss the simplicity of home,” the starlet told Alan through tears in a pre-recorded video during the latest episode. “A piece of my heart will always be in Alabama. I really miss that sense of community and family that I had. I don’t know if L.A. truly feels like home just yet.”

Hannah has been making this huge change in her life look easy. Keep slaying, girl!