Working hard! Former Bachelorette star Hannah Brown has been putting her all into Dancing With the Stars, but that comes with a lot of aches and pains. She revealed that her partner, Alan Bersten, helps her out with advice on how to deal with blisters, foot pain and other injuries she’s encountered during the season.

“My feet, like I don’t really feel them anymore,” the 25-year-old reality babe confessed to Life & Style and other reporters during a group interview on October 14, after the Disney-themed episode. She confessed that she kept getting “burns” on her leg during their most recent performance because of a turn that involved her being on the ground.

ALAN BERSTEN, HANNAH BROWN Aladdin Dance Dancing With the Stars Disney Night
ABC/Eric McCandless

Her response to the painful floor burn during their Aladdin-inspired number? “Oh, whatever,” the Alabama beauty shrugged. Their gorgeous foxtrot to “A Whole New World” by Zayn and Zhavia Ward did earn the duo a score of 25 out of 30 so … worth it?

As far as Alan’s advice, Hannah joked, “He just says, ‘You’re fine!'” The former leading lady recently displayed her feet, which were covered in blisters, on Instagram and the dance pro divulged that he had a few tricks up his sleeve for her. “You know, the blisters obviously come with the different shoes and that’s … how to get rid of blisters,” Alan said. “But for the body, like obviously the whole body hurts. It’s important to ice and heat and take Epsom salt baths.”

Basically, the former beauty queen is simply trying to stay attentive to her physical health as much as possible. “My legs hurt really bad. So we just make sure that I, you know, have massages and see … a physical therapist and do the ice baths and saunas. All this stuff to keep me going. So definitely staying on top of it,” she added.

Despite the bumps and bruises along the way, the starlet is loving the ride. She dished exclusively to Life & Style that she’s using this next chapter to reconnect and find herself. “I’m truly just focused on continuing to love myself and see the places where I still need to work on that — and I think this is the way where I can do that,” she admitted before the season started. Her journey of self-discovery seems to be going amazing!

Keep slaying, girl!