Not having it! Hannah Godwin took to Twitter on Monday, November 11, to slam someone for making fun of her mispronunciation of the word “gnocchi.” The Bachelor In Paradise alum handled the situation with grace.

“Can we please discuss the insane way this former Bachelor contestant pronounces ‘gnocchi?'” the fan tweeted along with a video the 24-year-old reality star shared on her Instagram Story showing off her groceries. “Have y’all ever said a word wrong before?” Hannah replied in a quote-tweet. She has a point — everyone messes up.

Her beau, Dylan Barbour, lightly poked fun at Hannah, proving they have the best kind of relationship. “I would die if you made me gnosh @hannahg11,” he wrote in a tweet, to which the blonde beauty replied, “I have the best gnosh recipe.” Yes, girl! 

When she’s not making fun of herself, Hannah uses her platform to shine a light on more important things, like supporting her fellow Bachelor Nation squad. After Hannah Brown won the Reality Contestant Award at the 2019 E! People’s Choice Awards, Hannah G. congratulated her on Twitter. “YESSSS, @hannahbrown! So so proud of ya sis. You deserve it” she wrote. So sweet!

Hannah Godwin Tweet

Like Hannah G., the Dancing With the Stars contestant is equally unbothered by what others think. Hannah B. ran into her ex-boyfriend Tyler Cameron at the PCAs and was not fazed at all by the interaction. “I actually saw him with his mom and, and I said hello to them,” she divulged to Life & Style and other outlets. “So I think it’s really sweet that he brought his mom.”

How is Hannah able to casually talk to an ex and be unaffected by the encounter? Well, she says it’s because she has so many things going on. For starters, the former beauty pageant queen is busy trying to win DWTS. “I mean I came straight from practice for the show tomorrow so there are, there’s no place for nerves, and honestly, I’m just really focused on myself right now and just really glad that I am able to be here and to celebrate the nomination of the award,” she revealed.

Both Hannah’s give off major BDE vibes, and we’re so here for it.