It’s not a battle of the exes … it’s more of a meeting — and a curious one at that. Harry Styles and ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift both dropped new music at midnight on December 6, and needless to say, that alone is bound to raise some eyebrows. The 25-year-old’s new track “Adore You” came out just as the 29-year-old released her first single since releasing Lover, “Christmas Tree Farm.” It definitely seems like “Haylor” (their ship name, duh) has risen to cap off 2019.

Naturally, fans and followers have been totally shook by the decision these two former flames made by releasing their new tracks on the same night. “Taylor Swift [and] Harry Styles releasing new songs tonight,” one fan gushed on Twitter. “THEY SAID HAYLOR RIGHTS! 😫” Another fan spilt some serious tea. “Haylor got my money today,” they wrote, adding a photo of both songs in their music library. “Haylor at the end of the decade,” one follower raved about the timing choice.

Plus, fans even started hypothesizing what the duo’s release date could lead to in the future … a.k.a. next year when both artists will be touring. “OMG what if Harry has Taylor as a special guest at one of his shows,” one follower mused on the social media platform. TBH, that isn’t even too far-fetched of an idea.

Both the English heartthrob and the Nashville native will be on tour starting in April 2020, but it seems as though their locales don’t exactly coincide with each other on the calendar. That being said, the blonde beauty has specifically scaled down her reach with the upcoming Lover tour, so she may, in fact, have time to appear on stage with her ex during his for a little duet at some point.

To top it all off, Harry is also releasing his upcoming sophomore album, Fine Line, on December 13 — which, if you’re reading this, you may already know is Taylor’s birthday. Of course, fans and followers had suspicions when the date dropped, but the second coincidental release date has made everyone that much more inquisitive over the Haylor potential.

Let the ship sail, folks — we’ll wait and see what happens!