Dropping hints? Fans think Taylor Swift‘s latest song “Christmas Tree Farm” had a major Easter egg about a possible new album. The adorable music video for her holiday bop is filled with actual home movies of herself, and it’s sure to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. While it seems simply like a sweet tribute to the fun holiday, eagle-eyed fans noticed one detail that seemed suspicious.

Since the footage was shot on VHS tapes throughout the late 80s and early 90s, dates appeared on the bottom of the screen. However, one didn’t quite ~match up.~ “Look at the date. November 23, 1989. Taylor wasn’t born yet. [Eight] days until the end of the month and then 13 days later she was born … [Eight] … 13,” someone tweeted. Will TS8 be dropping on August 13, 2020? There are actually only 30 days in November so if this theory stood true, the surprise would be dropped in July.

Taylor isn’t in the footage from 1989 — which appears about 2:40 minutes into the video — but she seldom does anything by accident. Of course, Lover just came out in August 2019 so that would be a very quick turnover for another record.

“I think it’s for November 2020. That’s when she can start re-recording her old albums,” another person theorized referring to Taylor’s drama with and Scott Borchetta. However, people did agree that the particular date stood out. “That date confused me! I was like, ‘She wasn’t even born yet. What??'” someone added. “I saw the date and I was confused but this makes sense!! We love a good easter egg,” a separate tweet echoed.

Taylor has had an impressive career full of ups and downs. She opened up about her experiences while accepting the award for Album of the Year during th 2019  on November 24.

“This industry is really weird, [those] who do what we do feel like — I am sure some of you feel like this too with your lives,” the pop star began. “You feel like your stock is either up or down, they either like you or don’t. But people that hang in there for you are the ones you will never forget … This year for me has been a lot, a lot of good, a lot of really complicated … and so on behalf of my family and me, thank you so much for being there and for caring.”

The songstress was sure to add, “I am lucky to be here, I know that every step of the way.”

Time will tell what else Taylor has in the works!