Do you know who you are? That’s what Harry Styles wants to know as he seemingly starts to tease his long-awaited second album — and fans are in an absolute tizzy over what might come next. The former One Direction member’s choice marketing tactic? He’s putting up billboards featuring the phrase, with the first of what seems to be many to come spotted in Australia on October 9.

“She is so pretty,” Twitter user @littlebearhes captioned two photos of the brand new billboard, which several update accounts for the 25-year-old confirmed to be located in Marrickville, Australia, a suburb 15 minutes outside of Sydney.

Harry Styles

The billboards themselves feature the phrase in white writing against a black background, but also include the Columbia records’ logo and a very telling “TPKW” in small letters toward the bottom. Fans made the instant connection between the English heartthrob and the billboards due to the acronym, which stands for “Treat People With Kindness,” the 1D alum’s main tagline throughout the promotion and world tour of his self-titled debut.

The billboard may not have been on anyone’s radar had Harry not sent fans into a legit frenzy when he tweeted (something he does rarely and saves for pretty ~special occasions~) on October 5. “Do,” was all the post read, leaving followers to their own devices to try to decipher the short social media appearance. Some thought it was an accidental tweet … but it never got deleted like you would expect.

One fan had a pretty solid theory — and we gotta say, we cosign on this logic. “Theory: Harry is going to tweet a word every Saturday until November 9th and that week or the next is when he is going to drop the lead single to his new album,” they mused. “I really think this is going to happen.”

It doesn’t seem like a far off assumption, considering Harry’s been laying low since his world tour finished out back in July 2018. His debut solo record was released back in May 2017 to much anticipation and praise, even from some of his biggest heroes like Stevie Nicks and Mick Jagger. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see what is coming next (and yes, that includes his HS2 era style game).

Sound the 1D alarms, y’all — yeah, they’re not getting back together (RIP), but this is the next best thing.