Former One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles is known in the industry for being a sweet little cherubic nugget, but on July 13, he made good on his angelic reputation once again. The 25-year-old singer slid into L.A. Chargers player Tre Johnson‘s DMs to invite his daughter (a huge fan) to come along on his next tour.

“Well this just happened,” the 24-year-old footballer wrote on Twitter, where he shared a screencap of the private message from the British former boybander.

“Hello Sir,” the message read. “Please let me know if you ever need anything for your little lady. Next time we’re on the road, it’d be a pleasure to have you anytime. Hope you and your family are really well. H.”

How the heck did the athlete end up with the singer-turned-actor in his DMs like that? Well, on July 11, Tre and his daughter, Naiya, did a Carpool Karaoke-type video with different songs, including Harry’s track “Only Angel.”

“Can we make this wholesome video of me and my daughter more viral than licking ice cream? 🕺🏾,” the linebacker captioned his tweet when he posted the video, where the daddy-daughter duo even rocked wings and halos to perform Harry’s rock number. Needless to say, the whole vid was sweeter than sugar.

After Tre posted the DM from Harry, he admitted he’s been a longtime fan, which is probably why his daughter also loves the 1D guy. “We BEEN 1d stans,” he tweeted, along with a video starring himself and his wife, Myley Johnson, “Made our official wedding video to One Direction song.”

The video of the couple on their wedding day features the ballad “18” off the band’s fourth album Four and is seriously so adorable we almost shed a tear, like Tre did when he saw his wife in the clip. Upon a little inspection, it looks like Myley has “1D AF” in her Twitter bio, so it seems like both Tre and their daughter have had their fair share of mommy influence.

Now, we can’t wait to see what happens when Tre’s daughter gets to meet Harry! No tour dates have been set just yet, but it’s been a year since his last tour concluded … so anything’s possible. “Can you guys believe there was a time I didn’t listen to Harry Styles,” the Chargers star tweeted after everything went down. “Glad I found the light!”