Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine has coached The Voice contestants from the very beginning. In fact, he and Blake Shelton are the only coaches to have perched in those spinning, red thrones for every season since the televised singing competition premiered in 2011.

With that kind of continuity, he's practically the show's elder statesman — but how many times has Adam won The Voice, anyway? He'd probably like you to think his track record reigns supreme, but he's actually not the top coach on the NBC hit!

Team Adam has won three seasons so far — Season 1, Season 5, and Season 9 — winning an average of one out of every four seasons. For the record, the contestants this 38-year-old has ushered to victory were Javier Colon, Tessanne Chin, and Jordan Smith.

Sounds impressive, right? Not when you scope out Blake Shelton's track record. Adam's rivalry with the country singer rages on for good reason: Team Blake has won five seasons! After Jordan Smith won the whole shebang in 2015, Adam relished his triumph over Blake.

"It's really quite beautiful because Jordan gets to win The Voice and I get to tear Blake apart for the next six months," he told ET. "[I'll be] bragging about my win and his drought of victory. It's gonna be great."

At the beginning of this current season, however, these two Voice bros tried to bury the hatchet in a web video spoofing the Real Housewives franchise. "[At] the beginning of the blind auditions, Adam and I made a pact that we were gonna try to get along," Blake said. "Be respectful of each other, actually even be kind to each other." Please. No one actually believed that, right? We'll see what happens as Season 13 progresses!