On Tuesday, Oct. 17, This Is Us fans were shocked to hear that Kate Pearson was expecting her first child with fiancé Toby Damon (Chris Sullivan), prompting speculation that actress Chrissy Metz is pregnant in real life (she’s not).

But on the Nov. 14 episode, viewers learned in the last two minutes that Kate had lost her baby — and we haven’t stopped crying since. After people expressed their disappointment on Twitter, Chrissy wrote, “It’s devastating, I know, but @ThisIsUsWriters take us on the journey of despair to express an important story line and situation we are often too afraid to discuss.”

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Toby and Kate on This Is Us.

Added series creator Dan Fogelman, “We didn’t want it to happen to them. But we’re trying to capture real life, and it happens. A lot. Next week is a difficult, ultimately life-affirming ep about love & family. We hope you’ll watch it & talk about it – not enough people do.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Justin Hartley — who plays Kevin — hinted at how Kate will handle the tragedy. “One of her rocks is Kevin. Or her main rock,” he explained. “She had to go through this whole thing without her brother that she’s gone through everything with. So it’s going to take a lot, because all those gaps that he fills in for her are now just gaping. She’s going to have to lean on somebody else, I would assume.”

As for how Kate and Toby will manage, Chrissy previously said, “[They’ve] gone through a lot together, but they’re stronger than they have been perceived in a lot of ways. But things are going to definitely change in their relationship, and they’re going to come up against some issues that are going to challenge the relationship. Truly, truly challenge the relationship.”