We bet trolls will think twice before going after Mandy Moore again! The 33-year-old This Is Us star got a ton of hate from body-shamers when she posted pics looking thin backstage during a recent visit to The Tonight Show. Instead of letting them get to her, Mandy clapped back and gave them a piece of her mind! Watch the video below to see her perfect response:

Her thinner bod may actually be due to a health condition, which makes it even crueler for fans to mock her. Mandy went gluten-free in 2017 after realizing she has a severe intolerance (maybe even full-on Celiac’s disease). She complained about the new diet when she posted an Instagram story about no longer being able to eat her “most favorite dish at Blue Hill, the seeded butter that we talk about incessantly. I can’t have any because it has grains in it and I can’t have any grains or gluten.” What a bummer!

Mandy grew up in the public eye, so she’s definitely been thickening her skin for a long time now. According to her, it’s not as hard as you may think! “We all have our own journey and our own trials and tribulations and struggles and obstacles and being a young person growing up in the industry, I was certainly not immune to that,” she recently told E!. “But I feel like I’ve been lucky, I came out the other side sort of unscathed.”

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So how has Mandy stayed so strong while others try to tear her down? “I don’t know what to attribute that to other than like I have really great parents and they’ve always helped me keep my feet on the ground,” she explained. She also has an amazing new fiancé to help build her up! “I mean I’m a pretty normal girl, I feel like I have a pretty normal body and I’ve always been pretty okay with that.”