Just back off! YouTube star Jaclyn Hill responded to pregnancy rumors (again) after photos of her wearing a baggy sweatshirt with James Charles were posted by the makeup brand Morphe on October 15. The beauty vlogger’s weight has been a hot topic of conversation in the past few months. She’s admitted to putting on some pounds, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not hurt by all the comments.

“So, I’m sitting here after a day of meetings, I took a shower and I am in my comfy clothes. And, I’m just going through the wonderful world of social media, keeping up with everything — and these pictures of me from the Morphe Instagram Stories are all over Twitter,” the internet celeb began in a video on her Instagram Story. “And, I’ve gotten a lot of tweets about it, I’ve gotten texts about it, I’ve gotten comments on Instagram about it.” The Florida native included a screengrab of the video she was talking about, which has since been deleted by the brand.

Jaclyn Hill Responds to Hurtful Pregnancy Rumors
Courtesy of Jaclyn Hill Instagram

“So, due to that Instagram Story, people think that I am pregnant,” Jaclyn continued. “Although, I just made a video and posted it for you guys a couple days ago telling you that I am not pregnant. And, everyone knows I have gained weight. I made that very clear in my video — how, yes, I have put on weight, how I am accepting myself and you need to accept it as well. I am not pregnant.”

She then lifted up her shirt and exposed her stomach to prove that she’s definitely not expecting. “Do you see this? That is not a pregnant belly. Yes, I’ve gained weight. I’m not pregnant!” she shouted to conclude her video.

Jaclyn Hill Responds to Hurtful Pregnancy Rumors on Twitter
Courtesy of Jaclyn Hill Twitter

The beauty guru has obviously been impacted by all the intrusive commentary about her body and took to Twitter to divulge more of her feelings. “Even after my video … it doesn’t stop,” she wrote with a screengrab of two Instagram comments  — one of which said she was “starting to show.” The starlet continued, “Please understand that I’m NOT complaining … but simply bringing awareness to this. It’s so incredibly rude & hurtful to log on every day and see comments like this. When I’m pregnant, I’ll let you know. Until then …”

Hopefully, Jaclyn gets a break from all the body-shaming soon.