We know you’ve been wondering this ever since Paris Hilton ended her engagement to Chris Zylka: what’s going to happen to the $2 million dazzler that Chris proposed with? Welp, now we have an answer. Paris admitted on Dec. 19 that she’s going to be keeping the ring.

Paris stopped by Jenny McCarthy’s Sirius XM radio show, and Jenny was just as curious as Paris’ fans, so she just bit the bullet and asked. “What did you wind up doing with the ring?” Jenny questioned. “Did you get to keep it because it was probably discounted or a promotional thing?”

“The person who we got it from got millions and millions of dollars of free publicity,” Paris said, being coy at first. “I love how social media has basically become a new form of money. It’s pretty sick.” But Jenny wasn’t about to let her weasel out of answering the question, so she asked again point blank, “So you got to keep the ring?”

“Yeah,” Paris finally admitted. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Especially THIS diamond, which is a whopping 20-carat, pear-shaped rock. The massive piece of bling was hard to miss, and Paris had to hire extra security to look out for it. Despite that, she actually managed to misplace it in a bucket of ice while partying once.

Considering the fact that Chris likely didn’t actually pay for the ring, and the fact that it was essentially paid for in publicity, which was coming entirely from Paris, we think it’s only fair that she gets to keep it. Sorry, Chris! Better luck next time.