Fans are shook over Tana Mongeau‘s latest selfie with Kylie Jenner. The ladies partied alongside Sofia Richie and Nikita Dragun to celebrate the launch of Sof’s new collection with the fashion brand Missguided on September 18. The YouTuber posted a very cozy selfie with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians starlet the following day and they are the duo we never knew we needed. However, her caption was a bit … confusing.

“She gave me pregnancy advice last night,” the 21-year-old blonde beauty wrote on Instagram alongside two photos — one of which showed the pals flashing their middle fingers to the camera. Tana rocked a gorgeous royal blue, oversized blazer to the event while Kylie, 22, appeared to be in a yellow cheetah print frock.

Tana Mongeau and Kylie Jenner Pose Together at Sofia Richie Misguided Party Giving the Middle Finger
Courtesy of Tana Mongeau Instagram

Before the cheeky Instagram post, Tana tweeted around 2 a.m. on September 19, “Yo, @kyliejenner just coached me thru pregnancy like gave me pregnancy advice suddenly I’m pregnant.” Part of the reason fans were losing their minds is because her husband, Jake Paul, tweeted “Tana’s pregnant” on September 7. The two are known for trolling people on social media and after she tweeted about her run-in with the reality star, Jake said that she “[exposed] herself.”

Jake Paul Tweet About Tana Mongeau Saying She's Pregnant
Courtesy of Jake Paul Instagram

Tana cleared up any rumors by responding to his tweet with a very clear message, “OK I’m not pregnant and u know this I’ll take a test on f—king live but, to debunk for the fans crazy ass ;): YOU JUST CALLED ME LIT, IDIOT. ADMITTING IM NOT PREGNANT. NOT ONLY AM I DRUNK RIGHT NOW BUT THERES A TAMPON IN ME RIGHT NOW SOAKING UP BLOOD,” she wrote. Any more questions?

Tana Mongeau Responds to Pregnancy After Meeting Kylie Jenner
Courtesy of Tana Mongeau Instagram

Despite the short-lived pregnancy speculation, fans are here for Tana and Kylie’s friendship. “They need to collab,” one fan begged in the comments on Instagram while someone echoed, “I literally thought you were kidding holy f—k queens.” Another fan admitted, “I would run over my toes [with] a lawnmower to get pregnant advice from you two.” A separate comment read, “Two of my favorite people at the same time.”

It seems like Tana has been living her best life and definitely has the A-list friends to show for it. Keep slaying, girl!