If Lifetime's Glam Masters gets a second season, we already have a contestant to nominate for the cosmetic competition: Nikita Dragun. This makeup queen started uploading beauty tutorials in 2013 and has since racked up close to a million YouTube subscribers and close to two million Instagram followers. But her social media following is hardly the most inspirational aspect of Nikita's life, as you'll read below. Here's what else you gotta know about the "Mother of Draguns."

Her driver's license is a point of pride

Nikita posted a celebratory photo of her driver's license a few months ago not because she looks flawless in the photo — she does, for the record — but because her gender is accurately listed as "F." And that was no small feat for her since she's a transgender woman.

"For some reason, this process of my transition scared me more than the physical changes because this was a legal world I didn't understand," she told Refinery29. "When I saw my ID finally in my hands, I was so excited I had to share it on my social media — with all my friends and supporters who'd been on this journey with me since the beginning. I wanted this moment to be a beacon of hope for other trans youth dreaming of their moment to unveil their beauty to the world."

She's untouchable online

This 22-year-old recently revealed her troll-ignoring strategy to Elle, saying, "I survived high school in Virginia, so the internet is no match," she says. "I've heard it all. It's really my friends and family that are most affected by the [trolls]. They're like, 'I can't believe someone would say that on your page!' But I feel like I put everything out there in the open. No one can say anything [that affects me] because I've already put it all out there. I made that choice."

She has no problem being "extra"

Nikita is known for her bold makeup and her candy-colored wigs — she even has a wig line of her own! — and she won't apologize for her over-the-top looks.

"You have to realize that I [lived] my life for 18 years … completely not being myself, and all of a sudden I transform into the person I never thought I'd be able to be, and I had nothing holding me back," she explained to Galore. "Like, when I think about it, girls had those early years where they could go anywhere in a tutu or a cowgirl outfit and people wouldn't say s–t, but I never had those years! So this is me making up for it. So if I go to get Korean BBQ in a 40-inch f–king pink-ass wig, deal with it."