She woke up like this. It has been 12 years since the premiere of Top Chef — and host Padma Lakshmi has seemingly not aged day over the course of 15 seasons (not counting spinoffs). So, it's no surprise that every time the 47-year-old beauty appears on the television screen to announce a quick-fire challenge or judge alongside chef Tom Colicchio, viewers are convinced she's had some form of plastic surgery.

"I love #TopChef — And as a gay man, I can say this: I think @PadmaLakshmi might be one of the prettiest women in the world," one fan tweeted before another added, "Watching Season 2 of @BravoTopChef Do @PadmaLakshmi @tomcolicchio and @gailsimmons age?! They look the same now as they do in Season 2. Tell me your secrets!"

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Life & Style reached out to plastic surgery experts to put those rumors to rest — and they agreed that Padma's beauty is, for the most part, au naturel. "She has a couple of creases on her forehead, so probably no Botox. Her cheeks look to be about the same. The only thing that I see is possibly a little filler in the lips, although simply applying lipstick in a particular way can make the lips looks a little bigger" Dr. Andrew Miller, who has never treated Padma, suggested.

Fellow plastic surgeon Dr. Vartan Mardirossian, who has also never treated Padman, agreed, adding that her nose has slightly changed over time, but it doesn't necessarily mean she has gone under the knife. "I cannot help noticing some dorsal irregularities — might have also been nose trauma."

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Padma has never spoken out about these plastic surgery rumors but has opened up in the past about her beauty routine. "I have to say, the biggest thing I wear is sunblock. I have dark skin, and I don’t tan evenly, but I tan easily, so I try to keep sunblock on as much as I can. However, it does tend to clog your pores, so I do very simple things," the mother-of-one told SheKnows. "I put tea tree oil in a big pot of boiling water, I put a towel over my head and I use that to clean my pores. Then I use ice water to close my pores before I put any moisturizer on at night, or any sunblock on in the day — that helps keep my skin clear.

In other words, please pack up your plastic surgery rumors and go.