Though hosting duties have been fun for legendary model Tyra Banks, she recently let the world know that they may have to look elsewhere to see her gorgeous face pretty soon. In the midst of the highly anticipated sequel, Life Size 2, and a host of other “massive” projects, the 44-year-old powerhouse may just be leaving NBC’s America’s Got Talent as a result, she teased on Nov. 30

In a conversation with Access Live, Tyra had a lot to say about her upcoming projects, which, of course, lead to some questions about her current ones! Tyra has been on hosting duty at America’s Got Talent since last March, so naturally, the curiosity about her return was seriously piqued. So is Tyra coming back to AGT? “I don’t know. I think I had a really nice run with ‘AGT.’ I had a lot a lot of fun,” she revealed to Access Live. “I’m really focusing on Life Size, and really focusing on a lot of –– I’m going to be producing TV and I have a massive project starting next year. I’m not so sure, but if I don’t come back I had a lot of fun. A lot!” Well, at least she had fun and all!

But Tyra, come on, tell us. What is this new big project you’ve got going on? Could it be another stint with America’s Next Top Model? Probably not, unfortch. “It is so massive,” Tyra revealed about the upcoming project. “It is really making me look at everything I’m doing and saying, ‘What can I peel off? What can I not do? What can I truly focus on?’ It’s coming out in the fall of next year,” she elaborated. “It’s something that’s never been done before and it may make me not do other projects.” Must be pretty dang huge then, Ty!

Welp, there goes our ANTM dreams. But we’ve still got Life Size 2 to look forward too, so we’re OK with it.