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A Breakdown of Jackson Mahomes’ Feud With TikTok Couple Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett

No, millennials, you aren’t too old to indulge in Gen Z drama … you might just need a crash course! Kansas City Chief quarterback Patrick Mahomes‘ brother, Jackson Mahomes, is feuding with TikTok couple Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett.

While Josh, 18, and Nessa, also 18, have a very off-again, on-again relationship, it’s clear the social media sweethearts are back together — and thus, the drama all began when Jackson, 20, made a pass at the “Pain” singer on TikTok.

“Let me take you on a date,” Jackson captioned a duet video with Nessa on Wednesday, January 20. If you aren’t familiar with TikTok, a duet is a feature that allows users to pair their content with another creator’s video.

Hours later, Josh used a feature called “stitch” to reply to Jackson’s TikTok. For the first few seconds of Josh’s video, Jackson’s duet with Nessa played. In the latter half of the clip, Josh came onto the screen, silently pointed to Nessa in his bed and gave a thumbs up with a sly smile.

Although his response seemed like a total “mic drop” moment, Jackson decided to stir the pot some more. “She looks bored,” he commented, adding a laughing emoji. “Long night, probably tired,” Josh replied. Throughout all of their back and forth, Nessa didn’t get involved.

However, fellow TikTok star Blake Gray, who is a member of The Sway House with Josh, chimed in days later. “Not gonna lie @jacksonmahomes, you took the L with Nessa, but your brother took the W today. @joshrichards, bring me my money,” Blake, 20, tweeted after the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, January 24.

Josh’s relationship with Nessa aside, the Canada native was very publicly rooting against Jackson’s brother’s team to make it to the Super Bowl. Of course, come Sunday, February 7, Patrick, 25, and the Kansas City Chiefs will be playing against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Since then, things have calmed down between Josh, Jackson and Nessa — but fans on TikTok are hoping the drama continues. “The feud we didn’t know we needed!” one user commented on the original video. “Oh, the boys are fighting! *Grabs popcorn,* added another.

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