Patrick Mahomes has a tight-knit family, which includes his brother, Jackson Mahomes, his wife, Brittany Mahomes (née Matthews) and his parents. As the Chiefs have had successful season after successful season, fans and spectators are curious about the people closest to the quarterback. 

Who are Patrick Mahomes’ Mom and Dad?

The Kansas City Chiefs player got his athleticism from his father, Patrick Mahomes Sr., who was a Major League Baseball pitcher. His dad was drafted by the Minnesota Twins in 1988 and went pro right out of high school. He retired from the sport in 2009.

Patrick Sr. admitted to steering his son toward baseball, but the MVP “fell in love with football.” 

Who Is Patrick Mahomes Dad Patrick Mahomes Sr Baseball Player
Courtesy Patrick Mahomes Sr./Instagram

“Thousands of people in the stands, being the man who could dictate and change the game. He’s a student of whatever game he’s playing. He had played baseball for so long he knew every situation. He thought it was way through it. There was so much for him to learn in football and that’s what he loved,” the proud dad said.

Though Patrick Sr. has been a consistent supporter of his son’s, he’s poked fun at MVP’s teammate, Travis Kelce, and the tight end’s own family. When asked if he wanted to join Travis’ girlfriend, Taylor Swift, and his brother, Jason Kelce, in their VIP box during a Chiefs game in the 2024 postseason, Patrick Sr. retorted, “I hope not!” but has come back with kind comments.

When asked about meeting and spending time with Taylor, Patrick Sr. reflected, “She’s down to earth. I actually walked up and introduced myself to her and she said that she knew who I was because she had watched [Netflix’s] Quarterback series. She was genuine. Every time I’ve hung out with her, she just acts like a normal person.”

Patrick’s mom, Randi, supported the family as a strong working mama and always made sure to put an emphasis on school for her kids. She and Patrick Sr. divorced when their eldest son was 6 years old but appear to have an amicable relationship. These days, Randi represents her son in a slew of Kansas City area charities among other things.

Does Patrick Mahomes Have Siblings?

The NFL star has one brother named Jackson Mahomes, who is three years younger than him. Although he doesn’t play sports, he has found his own path as a TikTok star

Patrick Mahomes Brother Jackson With Brittany Matthews
Courtesy Jackson Mahomes/Instagram

“I’ll never forget the first time that I was at a football game or at a store when people came up to me noticing me as Jackson from TikTok and not just Patrick Mahomes’ brother,” Jackson said during a vlog in September. “My whole life I’ve been compared to my dad who was a Major League baseball player, my brother’s in the NFL, my godfather’s a Major League baseball player — and then there’s me.”

In May 2023, In Touch confirmed that Patrick’s younger brother was arrested and charged with three counts of aggravated sexual battery and a fourth count of battery. He was taken into custody at the Johnson County Detention Center in New Century, Kansas, on a $100,000 bond. 

Who Is Patrick Mahomes’ Wife?

Patrick and his wife, Brittany, started dating in high school and got engaged in September 2020. They welcomed their first child, daughter Sterling Skye, in February 2021, and their son, Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III, in November 2022.

Brittany is stellar within her own right, supporting her husband’s career, working as a mom of two and overseeing her own at-home workout program called Brittany Lynne Fitness. Previously, she explained during an Instagram video she’s always had her “own drive” and hates “being bored.” 

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews' Relationship Timeline: How They Met
Courtesy Brittany Matthews/Instagram

“Patrick works his ass off and is at the facility from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day,” explained the former soccer player. “There’s no excuse for me to be sitting on my butt at home doing nothing or not making a difference in this world or not being successful. I feel like we’re a team.”