He’s getting real about the feels, y’all. YouTuber James Charles took to social media to share some sadder sentiments with fans and followers on May 31 — and it seems like he may still be feeling the effects of his epic feud with former BFF and beauty guru Tati Westbrook.

“Getting real tired of going to bed sad,” the 19-year-old Instagram influencer wrote over a close-up photo of himself with his bare face in his pillow. Clearly the makeup artist was in his feelings a bit, which honestly makes sense considering all the controversy he’s been surrounded with over the last month or so.


The drama started back during Coachella 2019, where James got caught up in some security issues that forced him to take up refuge with Sugar Bear Hair at the show, who offered him and his friends the proper passes and security guards to keep him feeling good and enjoying the fest. That didn’t sit right with his 37-year-old MUA pal, who owns her own competing vitamin brand, Halo Beauty — especially once James did a promo post for the competitor on his social.

In response to the betrayal, Tati took to her YouTube and made the now-deleted video “Bye Sister,” where she detailed her reasons for cutting the cord from James, which included not only the Sugar Bear Hair incident but also his behavior towards “straight” and “questioning” men. Several other big names in the YouTube beauty sphere, like Jeffree Star and Nikita Dragun, came out with their own claims and defenses, but ultimately, James ended up losing followers while Tati gained.

After a few weeks of back and forth and videos of “receipts,” all parties involved (yes, including Jeffree) took to their respective channels to say they were finished discussing the feud. Then, on May 25, James told fans and followers he was canceling his upcoming “Sisters” tour in an almost 10-minute long video series on Instagram.

Obviously, James is going through it right now but we know he’s going to be back to his old self soon.