Not cool! James Charles just discovered that someone is selling bootlegged merch using a ripped-off design from his Morphe palette. Although the YouTuber seemed to be pretty chill about the situation, fans were not here for it and even hinted that he should consider suing whoever is making these products. The makeup guru’s collaboration dropped last November and included 39 colors.

“WTF this is kinda cute lol,” the 20-year-old influencer tweeted on July 10 with a photo of a pillow that had his palette and signature printed on it. Less than 10 minutes later he shared a makeup bag with the same design and wrote, “Wait, what the heck hahahah who’s doing this?”

“Tries to make it seem like he’s not about to sister sue,” one fan commented. Someone else echoed, “Unleash your inner lawsuit, mama.” People were not quite buying James’ relaxed demeanor about the situation. “Highkey he’s about to go hunt down all the people selling stuff with his face or palette on it,” another user wrote. “Which one of you is using his ‘brand’ to make money that he’s not getting a part of!!??” a separate sister demanded. Tweets poured into the comments claiming that most of the ripped-off items were coming from RedBubble, a site that sells items made by independent artists. James hasn’t spoken out yet about whether he plans to take legal action or not. Time will tell what his next steps are.

This latest drama comes on the heels of the beauty expert’s feud with Tati Westbrook, which led him to lose three million subscribers. On May 10, his former friend and fellow vlogger posted a 41-minute-long video detailing his inconsiderate behavior.

He took almost a month-long hiatus from YouTube amid the scandal and things seemed very bleak. “I have to be patient, show my true character but also understand that there will ALWAYS be people who do not want to believe the full story because to many, drama is more entertaining than the truth,” James wrote on his Instagram Story on June 9. “It’s sad, but this is the internet culture we created, and I don’t want these people following me anyway.”

Our favorite sister is back and seemingly doing A-OK. It looks like he is putting his energy toward fake merch instead of fake friends.