We thought he put this to bed — but it turns out James Charles still has more to say about his epic feud with former BFF Tati Westbrook and the aftermath of the drama. The 20-year-old took to his Instagram Stories on June 9, to share his thoughts about the comments he’s been receiving about the fight.

“There have been a lot of comments on my page, my friends’ pages and brand pages that I am associated with about recent events on social media,” the influencer wrote on an all-black background. “I am going to have to deal with these lies, accusations and being called horrible names for the rest of my life, and it f—king sucks, but I have already proven the accusations to be 100 [percent] false, and at this point, there is not much more I can do.”


In James’ eyes, the next step is to be true to himself, and hopefully, that will be enough. “I have to be patient, show my true character but also understand that there will ALWAYS be people who do not want to believe the full story because to many, drama is more entertaining than the truth,” he continued. “It’s sad, but this is the internet culture we created, and I don’t want these people following me anyway.”

He also acknowledged his fans and their support for him — but he wanted to make sure they expressed their views about the situation respectfully.

“I know that a LOT of you guys want to defend me, and I appreciate that, but I ask that if you do, do it politely. PLEASE,” he wrote. “The best way to deal with rumors and lies is with kindness, maturity and facts. Don’t be mean, don’t call names and don’t stoop to their level.”

Though people still have things to say about whether or not James has been genuine about learning from this experience, it’s clear he’s been thinking about things a lot. “It’s unnecessary and if we’ve learned anything from the past few weeks, it’s that negativity and fighting gets us [nowhere],” he concluded. “Please be kind or don’t say anything at all. Negativity will be blocked. Love you all.”