Years may go by, but Jamie Lynn Spears and Britney Spears still remain close. The Zoey 101 alum took to Instagram to give her big sister a birthday shout-out, and it’s evident they have always shared a special bond.

“When Britney got a perm, well, I had to have one too (as pictured above). Some things never change,” the 28-year-old captioned the sweet post, which she shared on Monday, December 2. “Always looking up to you. Happy Birthday to my sister.” Aw, they are such sibling goals!

Jamie has always admired her sister and just like her, she got involved in the entertainment industry. Jamie began acting in 2002 when she made a cameo on Crossroads, which the princess of pop starred in. Three years later, Jamie became the star of her very own show — Zoey 101.

Jamie Lynn Britney Britney Sweetest Birthday Shout Out
Courtesy of Jamie Lynn Spears/Instagram

The Nickelodeon series came to an end in 2008, and though no one is sure if a reboot is on the horizon, the cast did reunite recently to act together again. Former castmates Paul Butcher, Sean Flynn, Kristin Herrera, Chris Massey, Erin Sanders and Matthew Underwood joined Jamie to appear on an All That “Thelma Stump” skit, which is set to air in January 2020.

Jamie teased the news herself when she shared a photo of a script that only gave away Sean’s name, who played Chase Mathews, along with the line,” Gimme that bacon!”

Nonetheless, we’re still hoping a Zoey 101 reboot happens. Considering the cast still stays in touch, a series involving them doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Besides, when Life & Style exclusively spoke to Victoria Justice about a possible reboot, she said she’s all for it.

Though it’s been over a decade since Zoey 101 ended, when the actors hung out over the summer, it felt just as good as when they worked together. “It was a lot of fun. It was great getting back together,” Victoria divulged.

The 26-year-old brunette beauty continued, “It really just brought back old times and so many great memories. I just remember sitting there and looking at everyone’s faces and just feeling like no one had really changed. Like, things had obviously changed but we were still like at our core the same people and it just felt so comfortable and so familiar, so that was a really nice feeling. It was really fun.”

Hopefully, we’ll see them return to PCA one of these days!