Keeping it real! Jamie Otis is all about sharing her pregnancy journey with fans, and on Thursday, October 10, she admitted that she and her hubby, Doug Hehner, have put their sex life on pause.

“Yep, still taking progesterone, but only for one more week,” the 33-year-old wrote on her Insta Story, which featured a video of the Bachelor alum holding an orange bottle of pills. “@doughehner and I haven’t had sex in TWO MONTHS. Partially because this stuff is gross [and] partially because we are kinda scared to.” Jamie has been taking progesterone, which is a hormone used for a number of different reasons, such as helping a woman become pregnant. However, it can also be taken to help prevent miscarriage, which could be Jamie’s case — especially after she unfortunately experienced a few in the past.

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner at the Doctor's Office
Courtesy of Jamie Otis/Instagram

Jamie is currently 2 months along, which means she stopped having sex roughly around the time she got pregnant. Sex during pregnancy isn’t typically unsafe or harmful, but given Jamie’s circumstance, it’s understandable why she’s being extra cautious. In an Instagram post she shared on October 9, the blonde beauty couldn’t help but express her gratitude after mentioning that it took her 18 months to get pregnant this time around. “Every night I climb in bed with a goofy smile on my face. As I lay there I rub my belly — even though it’s really not that big yet — and try to bond with the little one growing inside me,” she wrote. “I didn’t allow myself to do that a lot with Gracie early on because I was too scared to get attached and then lose my baby again … it’s my only regret during my pregnancy with her. I will not make that mistake this time.”

The couple, who met on Married at First Sight, share a 2-year-old daughter — Henley Grace, and while they’re excited to give her a sibling, they have no idea if she’ll be a big sister to a baby brother or sister. Jamie revealed that Doug thinks they’re expecting a boy, and she is hopeful it’s a girl. Jamie’s due date is May 14, 2019. We wish her all the best in her journey!