Welcome to the world, Callum Michael Rebel Kazee! Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee‘s newborn son, who was born on March 6, has a unique name, which carries a heavy meaning.

Steve took to his Instagram Story on Wednesday, March 11, to reveal why their son’s name is so special. “Callum: Gaelic for Dove because he has been so sweet and peaceful since landing in our arms,” the dad of one shared. “Michael: my middle name. Rebel: I wanted a way to honor my mother. Her name was Reba, but from a very young age her father called her Rebel.”

Steve Kazee Instagram Story
Courtesy of Steve Kazee/ Instagram


“In an instant our universe burst wide open and nothing would ever be the same. Welcome to earth star child,” Steve wrote to announce the newborn’s birth on March 10 along with a black-and-white photo of his tiny hand.

Jenna was equally blown away by their little miracle. “And just like that, our hearts exploded into all of eternity and beyond … Welcome to the world you little angel!” she wrote on her own page.

Callum is Jenna and Steve’s first child together. However, the 39-year-old professional dancer already has a daughter named Everly from her past relationship with ex Channing Tatum. The 6-year-old is officially a big sister and she’s ready to chip in and help the newly minted parents any way she can. “She just said to me this morning, ‘I’m preparing myself for that baby to cry all the time,'” Jenna told Life & Style and other outlets in January.

It doesn’t seem like there will be jealousy issues between Everly and the baby. Jenna’s firstborn is all about giving her baby brother attention. “It was so adult and she asked me if the baby cried in the night she could get out of her bed and go sing the baby a song,” the mom of two added. “And I was like, that is so sweet. So she’s already preparing herself and she’s excited. She’s old enough to understand that she’s going to have responsibilities and she’s a big sister. She’s taking it very seriously.”

Throughout her pregnancy, Jenna shared a few details with fans, including what crazy cravings she got. “Junk food in the beginning,” she revealed. “It was El Pollo Loco bean burrito.”

Jenna Dewan
Courtesy of Jenna Dewan / Instagram

Her beau would actually help and make sure she got her dose of the yummy food. “I [had] Steve running me around the Valley a few times to take me to El Pollo Loco,” the TV host recalled. “Then, halfway through the pregnancy, I couldn’t even smell it. It was done and now, it’s not a lot of space, so it’s just small fruits, sweet, tart stuff. Lemonade is the best thing I’ve ever had in my entire life.”

This time around, her cravings couldn’t have been more different from her first pregnancy. “With Everly, I craved really healthy stuff like grapefruit,” the mom of two divulged. “With this baby, not so much.” We wonder what other differences Everly and baby Callum will share!