While Jenna Dewan hasn’t revealed too many details about her pregnancy —like the sex of the baby, for instance — she did spill deets on how her 6-year-old daughter, Everly Tatum, feels about becoming a big sister. It turns out, she’s super ready for the role.

“She just said to me this morning, ‘I’m preparing myself for that baby to cry all the time,'” the 39-year-old told Life & Style and other reporters regarding her firstborn, whom she shares with ex Channing Tatum.

Though Everly has been an only child all her life, she’s looking forward to helping her mom once the bundle of joy arrives. “It was so adult and she asked me if the baby cried in the night she could get out of her bed and go sing the baby a song,” Jenna continued. “And I was like, that is so sweet. So she’s already preparing herself and she’s excited. She’s old enough to understand that she’s going to have responsibilities and she’s a big sister. She’s taking it very seriously.”

Jenna Dewan and Everly Tatum
Courtesy of Jenna Dewan/Instagram

Everly isn’t only planning to look out for her baby sis or bro. For now, she’s making sure her mom is being taken care of as well. “She’s really protective,” Jenna told Entertainment Tonight in December. “It’s been cute. She’s worried about what I’m eating, making sure it’s healthy. When I say, ‘Mommy needs to sit down and take a break,’ she totally gets it. She hugs and cuddles the belly.”

Naturally, the Flirty Dancing host is lovin’ how well her daughter has adjusted. “I mean, it’s really been adorable,” she told the outlet. “You never know how it’s gonna go, and so far she’s been so excited. And she tells the entire world. Everyone. Everyone, every way. Even people that check us out at stores. She’s like, ‘Does she know my mom’s pregnant?’ They’re like, ‘We can see.'”

Besides Everly, Jenna’s boyfriend, Steve Kazee, is over the moon about the new addition to the family. The broadway actor, 44, can’t help but gush about the future mother of his child anytime he gets. How sweet are they?!