Partners in love and business! Jessie James Decker and her husband, Eric Decker, have managed to create the perfect work-life balance for themselves, especially since the retired NFL star got involved with his wife’s clothing company, Kittenish. 

“He got his business degree at Minnesota, so this is a big expertise of his. I’m kind of learning more about my husband going, ‘Wow, you’re a businessman! Look at you! You know how to do all this stuff!’” Jessie, 31, told Life & Style exclusively while promoting the new keto-friendly South Beach Diet. 

Jessie James Decker With Eric Decker
Matt Baron/Shutterstock

“It’s just been really cool to see these other talents of his come to the surface that I never knew that he had. He has been amazing in helping me run my business. We’ve been able to spend so much time together from that. So, it’s been really great,” the country singer continued. “But when it’s time to unwind and not worry about work anymore, we are obsessed with You on Netflix. We just finished season one and are on season two — it’s a lot more gory this time!”

When Jessie and Eric aren’t watching Penn Badgley stalk his way through NYC and L.A., they’re spending time with their three beautiful children — Vivianne, 5, Eric, 4, and Forest, 21 months. As for growing their family? Well, never say never. 

“We go back and forth about it. I’m good for now and I’m happy with the three, but he doesn’t seem to want to make it a permanent thing,” Jessie admitted. “I’m just hanging out until he’s ready to make it a permanent thing, but who knows what can happen? We’re just grateful for our three little ones and our family that we have.”

Jessie James Decker Poses For a Selfie With Her Three Kids
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That said, parenting in 2020 comes with its fair share of special challenges, namely bullying on social media. However, Jessie is confident her darling brood will be A-OK. “You know, the thing is, they’ll grow up and be adults in this world and I just think you can’t be afraid of getting in a car and getting in a car accident, you can’t be afraid to get on a plane. There’s a lot more things to be afraid of!” she reasoned. 

Well said, mama!