My New Year’s resolution was to somehow become Joanna Gaines‘ bestie, but unfortunately, it’s basically February and I have yet to achieve my goal. Now, even if I wanted to buy her friendship, I can’t afford her. Sigh.

The Fixer Upper star — who gained (no pun intended) a tremendous following on the hit HGTV show along with her husband, Chip Gaines — is so famous now, her appearance fee is off the charts. But just how much will one hour with JoJo cost? Oh, just a cool $150,000.

The bombshell report came as part of a back-and-forth between Joanna and the lawyers involved in her furniture company lawsuit. According to Page Six, the HGTV personality has been subpoenaed in the legal battle between Standard Furniture Manufacturing Company, which markets the furniture sold under the Gaines’ Magnolia Home brand, and LF Products, which makes the furniture.

“Gaines is not directly involved in the suit, as it involves Standard Furniture Manufacturing Company, Inc. and LF Products,” the publication stated. “Standard Furniture Manufacturing agreed to sell ‘high-end furniture’ under the Magnolia House name (which Joanna, 39, owns with her husband Chip), and LF Products was set to make the products. But Joanna allegedly discovered that the manufacturing company was using a different type of raw material than they agreed on, and now the companies are battling in court over the upholstered chairs and couches.”

She was reportedly asked to sit for deposition twice but Joanna’s attorneys argued that she shouldn’t have to testify since “she has no unique knowledge relevant to the case.” But the judge in the case denied their request, along with the additional defense that Joanna should be paid $150,000 per hour for her time, since she’s been offered that amount for appearances “in the past.”

TBH, with their fifth child on the way, the Gaines’ have more important things to tend to! Side note: Call me sometime, Jo?