Oh, baby! Jordin Sparks became a mother for the first time in May, when her son, Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr., (DJ for short) was born. Now, her life is completely different, but in the best way possible. The star sat down with Life & Style at Febreze’s #FebrezeYourGear event to talk about how motherhood has been treating her.

“There is nothing that can prepare you for having a kid,” she confessed. “But I love it. I love everything about being a mom. He is the most amazing kid.” Aw!

Jordin gave birth only seven months ago, yet her little boy is growing up so quickly. “I am watching him discover new things and make new faces and new sounds and he is trying to stand up. I am like, ‘Woah, slow your roll! Wait a second!’ It went by so fast but it’s amazing to watch him. I am super blessed,” the American Idol alum revealed. “He is an easy baby. He is so much fun. He makes me want to tell all of my friend to have kids, you know what I mean?”

So, does that mean we can expect baby number two in the near future? “No! We talk about it, but it’s not like we are going to try right now. We want to wait until he’s a little bit older,” she confessed. She also thinks that it would be “just one more sibling.” Well, if her next baby is as cute as DJ is, then we’re probably going to be perusing her Instagram 24/7.

It’s not too surprising the former American Idol winner sings to her son “all day long.” She even made up a song that she sings to him after his shower called “Coconut Baby.”

Right now, she’s not sure if he will follow in her singing footsteps, but one thing she does know is that he definitely has her lungs. “He has got some good projection there, but whatever he wants to be, I will be OK with that. Me and my husband both played sports growing up, so I think naturally he may like to play, but I think he is just naturally going to love music too, just because we love it so much.”

We can’t wait to hear him belt out some tunes in the future!