Sometimes, the worst thing you can imagine happening is actually the best thing that could’ve happened to you. Jordyn Woods seemed to be in agreement there when she spoke with Life & Style exclusively about the newest chapter of her life. Since the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal back in February, she has only grown in spirit — and surpassed the world’s expectations.

“I feel like I grow every single day. I feel like life just throws you,” the 22-year-old told LS exclusively at the launch of her new fitness brand, FRSTPL<CE, on November 3. “Everything that happens is a learning experience. I think I just really found myself. I’m finding out what makes me happy and what I like to do.”

We’re not surprised the model has found her calling — after the bombshell cheating news, Jordy spent a few long trips in London for business and bopped around Coachella with her longtime BFF Jaden Smith. Clearly, she was doing a little soul-searching … and we’re really glad this is the result.

Jordyn Woods

Plus, she’s still evolving, like we all are. “I go through a new chapter every week. It’s very exciting. It’s tiring but rewarding. I’m just trying to build something for myself that I’m passionate about and is positive,” she continued. “I’m just trying to build positive things that make me happy. (As long as) you can do it and have fun while doing it!”

Needless to say, her fitness-forward life has been a great source of positivity for the influencer. “Working out has been my go-to,” Jordyn explained at the event. “It’s been my vice and it’s been my therapy. I think when you get active, you are not only helping your body, you are [also] helping your mind because working out releases serotonin. It gives you time to decompress and put your mind towards something that is benefiting your life.”

And where lies positivity also lies the self-care phenomenon — a busy gal like Jordy needs a solid routine, no? “I love skincare,” she added. “So, whether it is doing a face mask or taking a bath with Epson and Himalayan salt … Just really hanging out with my family is another way to chill. I love just chillin’.” Don’t we all, girl. Don’t we all.