If there’s anyone who has glowed up in 2019, it’s Jordyn Woods. Not only does the 22-year-old look amazing, but she’s living her best life after going through a very public cheating scandal. How exactly did she manage to bounce back? It turns out, staying fit and practicing other acts of self-care help.

“Working out has been my go-to,”the model exclusively told Life & Style during the FrstPlace launch on November 3. “It’s been my vice and it’s been my therapy. I think when you get active, you are not only helping your body, you are [also] helping your mind because working out releases serotonin. It gives you time to decompress and put your mind towards something that is benefiting your life.”

Jordyn Woods at the Gym
Courtesy of Jordyn Woods/Instagram


Besides exercising, Jordyn believes in pampering herself. “I love skincare,” she added. “So, whether it is doing a face mask or taking a bath with Epson and Himalayan salt … Just really hanging out with my family is another way to chill. I love just chillin.” We totally get it. There’s nothing like some relaxation to make you feel good!

Speaking of family, they are her number one supporters. The brunette beauty leans on her mom, sister and brothers during tough times. She also keeps a journal to jot down her thoughts and express herself.

In addition, she revealed she likes to keep a small circle. “I don’t really have a core friend group right now,” she divulged. “I have my family. All of my friends are my family. A lot of my best friends are my childhood best friends and people that I’ve known for two decades.”

After news broke that Jordyn was the other woman involved in the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal in February, she lost her friendship with the Kar-Jenner family, including the bond she had with former bestie Kylie Jenner. However, Jordyn has had the love and support from longtime pals, like the Smith family. When it comes to her love life, the selfie queen has her eye on someone. However, it’s nothing serious — yet. “I have one crush,”  she revealed. “We are both so busy … no, not really, not dating!” Only time will tell!