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Jordyn Woods Shares Her Key Fitness Tips After Losing 30 Pounds in 5 Months

Our new favorite YouTuber has to be Jordyn Woods. The starlet released her first vlog on October 9 and it’s jam-packed with her personal fitness tips. In addition, she revealed that she’s dropping workout plans in November so her fans can get fit and have fun right alongside her. Of course, her health journey (and amazing figure) didn’t happen overnight. Jordyn shared the ups and downs of how she got in shape.

“I always grew up the bigger girl. I was always the taller one in my class — I was always bigger — and as you get older, you just get more and more self-conscious,” the 22-year-old began in a 22-minute-long video where she talked to the camera in what looked to be her bedroom. “When you’re young, you don’t really care, you don’t really pay attention … but it would be the little things.”

Jordyn Woods
Courtesy of Alex Hainer

Jordyn explained that certain activities that are normal for teens filled her with dread. “I hated going to the mall, I hated shopping, I hated pool parties,” she confessed. “It was just the little things that made me realize, like, maybe I am a little different than everyone.” Growing up, the model noted that she was “comfortable just being in the background and not really caring to fit in like everyone else. … I wasn’t necessarily happy, but I was comfortable.”

However, things changed after she was captured in a paparazzi shot with her family friend Willow Smith and was met with horrific body-shaming comments on the internet. This was an incident that Jordyn described as one of her “lowest moments.” She recalled, “Reading those comments at 12, 13 years old was probably the most heartbreaking thing to me ever. I remember sitting in front of my computer reading and tears started coming out of my eyes … That completely broke me.” While it made her realize that she was “unhappy” in the skin she was in, it also “shifted me to become the confident person I am today.”

Jordyn also acknowledged that the death of her father had her turning to fitness as a coping mechanism. “19 years old, losing a parent, losing a loved one, is not something you think you have to deal with … there’s no right or wrong way to deal with it. But, it was so triggering for me and my trigger was getting myself to the gym,” she continued. “That completely changed my life and that moment got me to the gym. Gym became my therapy. Gym became the thing I looked forward to. And, not only was it helping me emotionally, but it was physically changing my body and making me feel better.”

She added, “Even though it was probably the worst thing I’ve had to go through, I learned that the bad things that happen to you don’t have to define you. Even though they do define your character, who you are, you always have to learn and grow through it.” Hitting the gym hard after her dad passed away resulted in the starlet losing “30 pounds in five months” and she’s not slowing down anytime soon.

“Body positivity is loving the skin you’re in and wanting to be the best version of yourself,” Jordyn said after confessing that she received criticism from fans who accused her of not being “body positive” after losing weight. “Yes, I’m body-positive. And, yes, I’m kicking ass because I want to feel good and look good. After something like that you realize you can’t take your health for granted.”

We love Jordyn’s amazing outlook on health and fitness and can’t wait to see what’s next for her. Keep scrolling to see five key exercise tips from her!

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