She’s got us! Model Jordyn Woods took to her Instagram Stories to reveal that she has been working on a new fitness-related project — and obviously, we’ve never been more excited for anything in our lives. The 21-year-old dished about the future venture on September 5, in response to a sweet fan DM about her weight loss journey.

“You’ve been real and transparent with your weight loss, posting workouts and giving tips on what works. I am hoping to buy your workout video one day,” the user wrote in a screengrab from the brunette beauty’s messages. “A lot of us want to achieve similar results but don’t know what really works and your success speaks volumes. Keep up the great work and thank you!”


Clearly, the influencer was taken by the note because she posted it with her own reply. “Trust me, I’m working on SOMETHING super exciting,” she replied to the fan and to all her followers as a whole. “I’m so happy seeing these messages every day.”

We’re so hyped that Jordyn is plotting out something fierce to bring to the fitness community. She already has an athleisure line, called SECNDNTURE, so we suspect this project is in a whole other lane of healthy living. Considering she chose this particular fan message to highlight, we wouldn’t be surprised if she’s hinting at a workout video in the works — which would be incredible.

In fact, that would totally make sense for Jordy because she’s made a habit out of showing off her workouts on social media. On September 2, she gave fans and followers a step-by-step look at her leg day routine. Plus, she can be pretty damn inspiring with her post-workout pep talks.

“I only posted a few of my workouts just in hopes to motivate you to get up and do anything,” she told fans, blowing them a kiss in her Instagram Story after killing her leg day goals. “You can hit your squats from anywhere, watching TV, whatever it is. But just get up and do something.”