#SiblingGoals! Jordyn Woods and her little sister, Jodie Woods, are the ultimate dynamic duo. Not only are they basically twins, but they also genuinely enjoy each other’s company. 

“Jodie and I do a lot together,” Jordyn, 22, exclusively tells Life & Style. “We love to cook together. I make her be my little sous chef and we’re always doing something — whether it’s watching a show or writing or whatever it is, we’re always doing something.”

Jordyn Woods, Jodie Woods twinning moments
Courtesy of Jordyn Woods/Instagram

Of course, being an older sister isn’t just fun and games. It comes with a great deal of responsibility, too. “You know, she watches everything I do and then she does it better,” Jordyn explains of wanting to set a good example for Jodie, 14. 

“It’s kind of scary to me … because she really is like myself, but just a better version because I gave her the blueprint of what not to do,” the SECNDNTURE designer continues. “Now, she gets off with things that I did not when I was her age.”

Considering all of Jordyn’s amazing accomplishments in 2019, we certainly think she’s an amazing role model for Jodie. In fact, the California native’s most recent project is truly a testament to her positive, go-getter attitude! Premiering on Thursday, December 19, on BET+, Jordyn will be starring in her first-ever movie titled Sacrifice.

Jordyn Woods

“I auditioned and they liked me and I flew to New Orleans and I filmed,” Jordyn recalls. “I had no lessons, no anything … I just kind of went for it and it paid off. It kind of came naturally to me and now, I actually just finished filming my second movie a couple of weeks ago.”

Jordyn’s sophomore feature film is titled Triggered and is set to be released in 2020. “I actually have the leading role or that one, so it’s cool,” she says. Cool, indeed, girl! We can’t wait to see more from Jordyn in the future. 

Reporting by Diana Cooper. 

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