Josh Allen made headlines in May 2023 when he was spotted getting cozy with Hailee Steinfeld on multiple occasions. After it was reported that the couple had been an item for a “few weeks” at the time, fans of the Hawkeye actress were curious who her new man was, how he got started in football and where his net worth stood. 

Keep reading to learn everything we know about Josh! 

What Is Josh Allen’s Net Worth? 

The football quarterback has an estimated net worth of $14 million and an annual salary of $5.3 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. 

What Football Team Does Josh Allen Play for? 

Josh plays for the Buffalo Bills and was drafted in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft, where he was offered a $21 million four-year contract with the team. The Firebaugh, California, native previously played football for the University of Wyoming. 

Initially, Josh wasn’t offered any college scholarships from universities that were considered top tier to play the sport. However, the pro athlete persevered until he was offered a chance to play for UW. 

NFL Star Josh Allen's Girlfriend: Brittany Split, Hailee Steinfeld Rumors
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Aside from chasing his dream, Josh was also an excellent baseball and basketball player at Firebaugh High School in his hometown, per Yahoo Sports. When he wasn’t playing on the various high school teams that he was on, Josh worked on his family’s farm and at his mother’s restaurant. 

Despite having a rough start in the sport when he was a high school and college student, Josh eventually became a highly acclaimed player in the professional league. 

How Long Have Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld Been Dating? 

In late May 2023, the Edge of Seventeen actress and the NFL star were seen hanging out on multiple occasions in New York City. 

While neither Josh nor Hailee has publicly addressed their relationship, People reported that month the two had been “hanging out for weeks” up to that point. 

“It’s new, but they are having fun,” an insider told the publication, adding that Hailee and Josh were a “cute couple.” 

Who Has Josh Allen Dated? 

Before he started dating Hailee, Josh was romantically linked with former girlfriend Brittany Williams for eight years. Fans of the pair speculated that they had broken up in April 2023 after she removed all traces of Josh from her Instagram account. 

Nevertheless, neither Brittany nor Josh has publicly commented on their past romance. 

For Hailee’s part, the True Grit star previously dated Cameron Smoller from 2016 to 2017 and One Direction alum Niall Horan in late 2017.