He’s cleaning up his look, y’all! On Aug. 8, Justin Bieber was spotted getting a haircut! That’s right, the Biebs has finally trimmed his luscious (read: stringy, dead) locks. Check out the video above to see his before and after new ‘do transformation. 

OK, so the “Sorry” singer is still rocking that pseudo skater boy look but it’s definitely an improvement. Our best guess is that he’s slowly but surely transforming himself into the dashing groom we know he can be! Despite rumors that he and Hailey Baldwin have already gotten married, we’re sincerely hoping that’s not the case. Call us selfish but TBH, we deserve to be a part of their special day. Justin, if you’re reading this, we have a few hairstyle suggestions for your wedding… take ’em or leave ’em. You can take a look at our picks below. 

Getty Images

On the left: We have a very dapper, Don Draper-esque Bieber. On the right: We have a more relaxed but still put together styling. We’ll accept either. OK, moving on. While it’s clear that Justin is still working on his wedding aesthetic, Hailey has hers all figured out!

“She knows what she wants — an all-white, designer dress, bridesmaids, white doves… the whole thing,” a source revealed to In Touch. In addition to that exciting tidbit, an insider close to the couple also offered up some more scintillating deets about their upcoming nuptials. “Justin and Hailey’s good friend and religious mentor, [Hillsong Church] pastor Carl Lentz, will be officiating,” the source confirmed to the publication. “His best man will probably be his manager, Scooter Braun.” 

How sweet! It’s nice to see that despite all the fame and fortune, Justin and Hailey are sticking to their roots. Now, so long as JB keeps up with the hair maintenance, we have no doubt that they’re going to have the most beautiful celeb wedding ever.