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#Relatable!Kate Hudson Makes ‘Every Excuse In The Book’ To Stay Home And Watch ‘The Bachelor’ (Exclusive)

If you thought Kate Hudson couldn’t be any more amazing, you thought wrong! As it turns out, the A-lister, 39, is a major fan of The BachelorSo much so, that she drops everything come Monday evening to indulge in the beloved reality series.

“Kate Hudson is obsessed with The Bachelor and can’t stop talking about the show!” a source revealed exclusively to Life & Style. “She makes every excuse in the book not to go out on Monday nights so that she can invite her brother Oliver and closest pals over to watch it.” Shut. The. Front. Door. Can someone please tell us how to snag an invite to this viewing party?

Question is, what exactly do these get-togethers look like? “They’ll order takeout and spend hours gossiping about all the contestants,” the source dished. “She’s even getting Goldie into it!” Can you imagine talking about Colton Underwood’s virginity with Goldie freakin’ Hawn?

The best part? Kate isn’t exactly shy when it comes to her Bachelor Nation proclivities. In fact, ahead of the premiere on Jan. 7, the mother-of-three took to Instagram to totally fangirl out. Kate’s BFF Jamie Mizrahi left a comment on the actress’ picture reading, “And countdown [till] The Bachelor comes on tonight, baby.” Of course, Kate immediately liked it.

Kate Hudson Instagram comments

Basically, we’re going to spend the rest of the day (read: our lives) thinking about who Kate’s top picks for this season might be. Did she appreciate Bri’s fake Australian accent? What does she thinking of Colton kissing one of the beauty queens already? Ugh. We have so many questions.

Just remember, ladies: The next time someone gives you crap about liking The Bachelor, let them know that Kate Hudson loves it, too, and keep walking.

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