It was a big first week on The Bachelor, and Colton Underwood has definitely sparked with a few of the contestants already. Caelynn Miller-Keyes not only shared a heartfelt conversation with the former football player on the front steps of the mansion, but she also scored the first kiss of the season. One thing the two bonded over was heartbreak. Why did Caelynn get dumped in Thailand? Life & Style exclusively learned about the beauty queen’s break up and why it made her all the more ready to find love.

During their conversation on the Jan. 7 premiere episode, Caelynn told Colton that she was “dumped” in the exotic country. The leading man quickly quipped back that he was broken up with “before” Thailand. Of course, Colton was referencing when he got sent home on The Bachelorette by Becca Kufrin.

Caelynn and Colton Underwood the Bachelor
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Although the break up cut deep, it ended up being a positive experience for the budding reality star. “[Caelynn was] a little bit broken but at the same time happy because she found out who she is, who she wants to be, learned more about herself, and she became truly a better woman,” the insider said.

The source claims that Caelynn and her ex broke up a few months before the Miss USA pageant in May. Considering the brunette beauty posted photos of herself in Thailand during February of 2018, it’s safe to assume that’s when she and her ex parted ways.

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“I can totally see Caelynn wanting to fall in love because that’s what she’d want,” the insider dished. It turns out, she’s not letting one sour ending keep her from a sweet beginning with Colton. As far as what she’s looking for, the beauty queen “wants a dedicated and loyal guy.”

Maybe she’ll find that with Colton? It’s only week one and a lot can change on the journey to find love! We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you, Caelynn.

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