First kiss, who dis? Colton Underwood has officially been on our television screens for less than two hours and we’ve already seen some great conversations, a sloth, and a steamy makeout sesh. There are a whopping 30 contestants vying for the former football player’s heart, and some already have Colton totally smitten. So, who was Colton’s first kiss on The Bachelor premiere?

Beauty queen Caelynn Miller-Keyes snagged the first kiss from this season’s leading man. The two shared a sweet conversation on the steps of the Bachelor mansion and seemed to have clicked right away. Before they parted ways, Colton leaned in for a smooch and Caelynn seemed downright giddy afterward.

Caelynn and Colton Underwood the Bachelor
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The first kiss is a big deal in Bachelor Nation because it’s a strong indicator as to who will be the season’s front-runner. Needless to say, Caelynn has definitely secured her place in Colton’s lineup. She came ready to play in a bright, strapless, orange dress with her Miss North Carolina sash displayed proudly across her chest.

The Virginia native was crowned as the runner-up during Miss USA 2018. She made a huge impact in the pageant world because she opened up about being a survivor of sexual assault and currently works as an advocate for other victims and survivors. We stan a queen who supports important causes.

Caelynn has quickly stolen Colton’s heart, but there are still 29 other eligible women who he seems excited to get to know. Anything can change on the journey to find love.

The brunette beauty queen wasn’t the only one who locked lips with the 26-year-old football player. Colton shared a kiss with California native Katie, too. “I have a really good feeling about this whole thing,” Katie said to end their cute conversation.

Our leading man ended up kissing one more lady during the cocktail party — Hannah Godwin. She won the coveted first impression rose because Colton said that she made him feel like “home.” These two definitely have a magnetism between them and their kiss proved it. “There’s definitely chemistry and a nice spark with Hannah…Honestly, I didn’t want to stop kissing her tonight,” Colton gushed.

Emotions are already running high and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

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