It’s that time again! Do you have a knack for knowing who The Bachelor is going to keep around? Have you predicted the winner every year flawlessly? Can you tell that a relationship is going sour before the contestants themselves even realize it? Well, why not put those skills to good use by downloading our printable Bachelor bracket for Colton Underwood‘s season! Of course, if you’re NOT doing a bracket (or plan to cheat) and want to know the top four and who wins right now, check out our spoiler post!

Save and print the bracket below to get the party started:


bachelor Colton bracket

Sure, NFL fantasy leagues might be confusing, but anyone can play our Bachelor version! Here’s how it works: before the new episode each week, you and your friends write out which girls you think will survive the next round of eliminations. For example, Colton will start out with 30 contestants on Night 1, but by the end of the episode, he will only have 21 left. Can you guess those 21 accurately?

But it’s not just about the order girls go home in! You can also grab extra points by correctly predicting which girl will be the first to send herself home, the first to turn on the waterworks, or the first to start s–t with her fellow contestants! Feel free to get creative and make up more scenarios with your pals, too, just fill them out before the premiere.

While we will get to know the girls a lot better during the season, some have already begun making a name for themselves. For example, Cassie Randolph proved she’s a troublemaker when she said she’s not good at sharing and crossed out all of her fellow contestants on the promo shot. Then there’s Tracy Shapoff, who got attention for all the wrong reasons when her past racist and fat-shaming tweets resurfaced. Let’s not forget Brianna, who legit faked an Aussie accent to grab Colton’s attention — we cannot wait to see more from that hot mess! Learn more about all of the Bachelor contestants, here.

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