Um, what? We are shooketh to our core over Brianna (aka Bri) Barnes’ dupe on The Bachelor premiere. The blonde bombshell stepped out of the limo in a stunning red dress, walked up to Colton Underwood, and let her Australian accent do the talking. Here’s the kicker: She’s not from Australia nor does she actually have an accent. Needless to say, Bachelor Nation is both disturbed and weirdly proud of the contestant’s ploy to get noticed.

“So nice to meet you,” Bri said as she hugged Colton. The former football player noted that he likes her accent and asked where she is from. The LA-based fashion model found a truth loophole and said the accent is Australian. Do you see what she did there? All is fair in love and war.

She continued by explaining that she hopes Colton is “a sucker for accents.” While this isn’t necessarily a bad strategy, fans were actually impressed.

One user wrote, “I was at a bar in college and a girl asked me out of the blue if I was Australian. Without thinking, I hacked together enough of an accent to sell it and we made out a few minutes later. I respect the play by Bri,” while another echoed, “Damn, Bri! #finesse! She didn’t lie. She said the accent was #Australian.” One fan was actually a big fan of Bri, writing, “Hope Ms. Australian Accent Bri gets as much screen time as possible LMAO #TheBachelor.”

A lot of Bachelor Nation admitted that they were solely tuning in to the show to see how Colton reacted to accent gate. One person said, “I’m actually gonna watch The Bachelor this season, mainly for Bri and her Australian accent,” while another fan agreed, writing, “Am I Watching The Bachelor tonight for only Bri with the ‘Australian accent’? #TheBachelor.”

We can’t wait to see how this plays out. Pass the popcorn, please!