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The Royal Family Ladies Aren’t Afraid to Show Skin: Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle’s Hottest Photos

The ladies of the royal familyKate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, and Meghan Markle, typically wear modest outfits whenever they attend high-profile events. However, they have occasionally stepped out wearing some of their sexiest skirts, dresses and shorts, marking their hottest moments over the years! 

At the May 2022 premiere of Top Gun: Maverick, the Duchess of Cambridge wowed fans when she donned a black and white strapless dress. As the franchise’s star, Tom Cruise, politely escorted her into the venue, Kate smiled widely in her stunning braless ensemble. 

This wasn’t the only big-time Hollywood event where the mom of three opted for an iconic fashion statement. At the October 2015 premiere of Spectre, Kate undeniably stunned in a sheer, braless periwinkle blue long-sleeved gown. 

However, the brunette beauty shined even more throughout early 2000s when she first started dating husband Prince William. From London nightclubs to simple dinner settings, Kate debuted some of her hottest looks, including a shiny blue minidress and a sparkling black sequined mini dress. 

Aside from Kate, the Duchess of Sussex is also quite the fashionista. In October 2018, she and husband Prince Harry were spotted at an event in Australia, where Meghan wore a stunning braless dress on a beach. Even when they were official members of the royal family, Meghan didn’t hesitate to embrace her beauty. In November of that year, the Los Angeles native sported a sexy black and white sequined spaghetti strapped floral-print top alongside a long black skirt. 

Meghan has also spoken out about her views on physical appearance and female empowerment. 

“You can be a woman who wants to look good and still stand up for the equality of women,” she said in 2016 at the Create & Cultivate conference. “There’s no uniform for feminism; you are a feminist exactly the way you are.”

Although the Duchess of Cambridge hasn’t publicly talked about her style evolution, Meghan has. In a May 2017 interview with Glamour U.K., the Suits alum opened up about how her time on the hit series influenced her ever-changing wardrobe. 

“I think it’s really changed because my sensibility had always been relaxed California girl style, and on any given day I was in jeans, cut-offs and flip-flops,” Meghan told the outlet. “As I’ve gotten older, I like longer dresses, but my legs come up to my ears and I’m not very tall. So, when I wear a short skirt, I’ve got to be really conscious.”

Nevertheless, both royal women slay in anything they wear. 

Scroll through the gallery to see Kate and Meghan’s hottest outfits!