Who was really passing up mashed potatoes, though? Winning coach on The Voice and former American Idol star Kelly Clarkson was literally all of us when she tweeted about indulging (maybe a little too much) during the holiday season. We feel you, Kelly. Instead of beating herself up over it, the singer honestly DGAF over a few extra pounds.

“To the person that lost weight over the holidays…Don’t worry, I found it and I will get it back to you starting January 1st,” she tweeted on Dec. 29. She also added “#tightpants” and “#butsoworthit” to the post.

Fans loved the singer’s light-hearted tweet and responded with some funny comments. “Just wear elastic waist bands…no one needs to know,” one user said. Someone else chimed in, “I think everyone has tight pants this time of the year.” Another fan sweetly added, “Beautiful any size, Kelly!”

Fans love how candid and real Kelly is when it comes to everything in her life, from the number on the scale to her marriage. She hosted a Facebook live with her sister and talked about her husband of five years, Brandon Blackstock. “If I sat here and told you that everything was perfect, that’d be a damn lie in anybody’s relationship. But you have to work at it,” she admitted.

She does credit their great relationship to meeting her hubby “later in life.” The singer explained, “You’re already an evolved human. You already got, kind of a good grasp of who you are [in your thirties].”

Kelly Clarkson Brandon Blackstock marriage advice
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Kelly stressed the importance of good communication and a little patience for making things work in her love life. “[Brandon and I] are both very passionate, which is great in another part of your love life. But … when you’re talking it can be difficult.” She continued, “If you come in heated, you come in hot, you just want to yell, you don’t want to figure it out.” Even if there are a few bumps along the way, Kelly still admits she’s head over heels for Brandon.

Way to keep things real, Kelly! We love you for it.

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