Is it hot in here or is it just Kelly Clarkson and husband Brandon Blackstock? The singer opened up about her marriage and even shared some tips during a live interview with her sister Alyssa Clarkson. Kelly and her husband have been married for five years, have two children together, and seem happier than ever. Kelly and her sister got very candid while sipping wine and taking questions from fans. Honestly, it’s hard not to completely love Kelly and her big personality. We totally get it (and are slightly jealous), Brandon.

Kelly had a giant grin plastered on her face when asked about her favorite date night activity. “There’s a lot that goes into our date night,” she confessed while taking a small pause to think about the steamy answer. “I mean, we don’t get red room or anything, but I just mean we’re pretty different,” The Voice coach trailed off her thought but added, “I was single for a long time, y’all!” Woo, Kelly, you’re making us blush!

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But, wait, it’s not what you think. Her sister chimed in to clear up any confusion. “Don’t you lie! They love playing Super Mario 3,” Alyssa dished. Her sister claims that she was in Kelly and Brandon’s room while they played all night for three days in a row.

Kelly explained that the two use the game as a fun way to escape their hectic lives. “We basically like things that we can check out because our jobs, all of them, plural, are always full on,” she said.

Of course, Kelly couldn’t miss the chance to brag about her skill a little bit. “Why I play is because I’m kind of amazing add it. Super Mario 3 is the greatest game.” Couldn’t agree more, Kelly.

Besides having date nights that are sexy and fun, the biggest lesson she’s learned from marriage is the importance of communication. “[Brandon and I] are both very passionate, which is great in another part of your love life. But … when you’re talking it can be difficult.” She continued, “If you come in heated, you come in hot, you just want to yell, you don’t want to figure it out.”

She said that Brandon tells her, “you need to say what you’re thinking even if I don’t want to hear it.” Kelly warned, “So I do.” These two sound absolutely hilarious, and I hope Kelly keeps dishing out marriage advice.

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