A diss that’s got nothing on baby bliss! When former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, Brooklyn Doris, she took to Instagram to share all the big and little moments. Hello, duh, this is the year 2018. Turns out original Atlanta Housewife NeNe Leakes doesn’t care what year it is – she’s not into all of Kenya’s Insta posts. But Kenya reportedly just couldn’t care any less about NeNe’s opinion on her beautiful moment.

According to an insider from RHOA that spoke with Hollywood Life, Kenya is way over the drama and the way NeNe keeps fueling the fire. “Right now Kenya has way more important things to focus on in her life than NeNe, she really couldn’t care less about her.” We hope not! That baby is way too cute to focus on the fighting. “Kenya just gave birth, so she’s all about the baby, and she hasn’t even had the time, or the energy to give NeNe a second thought. It was a really tough pregnancy, but now that Brooklyn is here Kenya wouldn’t change a single moment of it, she’s the most beautiful baby ever.”

We’re glad Kenya is pushing the whole NeNe situation to the back burner, but it’s not hard to see what Mrs. Leakes was looking to get out of the comments she was posting. Always one to call someone out, NeNe reportedly commented on Kenya’s Instagram post of her new baby’s tiny hand, amused by the fact that Kenya was making the post while RHOA was airing: “I can’t wit the calculations on Sunday’s #thethirstisreal #weseeyou #wacksh*t.” NeNe has since deleted the comment.

Interestingly enough, Kenya also gave birth on Nov. 4 — the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 11 premiere date. Talk about irony. Kenya was extremely public on Instagram about the birth, which definitely gave NeNe some ammo to come at her with the word “calculations,” suggesting Kenya was planning her social media posts to possibly outshine the show.

Considering Kenya’s no longer a cast member, it’s not the MOST far fetched situation, but… we think Mrs. Moore-Daly is just thrilled to pieces over the new addition to her family. Hey NeNe, let the new mama celebrate, why don’t ya?