Fans became quickly concerned over Khloé Kardashian’s health after her battle with skin cancer was featured in The Kardashians season 3 official trailer, which premiered on April 27. The Good American founder has been open about the precancerous bump on her face and has since updated fans if it has become cancerous.

Does Khloé Kardashian Have Melanoma?

The reality star thought that a regular blemish on her face was run of the mill, but decided to get it checked out. Caught by the cameras, Khloé’s worries were confirmed and she did in fact have melanoma, as seen on the family’s reality show and first reported by People.

“I have done one biopsy on this bump that I just assumed was a zit, turns out it’s not a zit,” Khloé revealed. “It’s melanoma and for my age, it’s incredibly rare.”

Her family alluded to her having the serious form of skin cancer during The Kardashians season 3 trailer and throughout the season.

“Mom just told me that it was melanoma,” an uneasy Kylie Jenner told Khloé in a clip. The momager went on to say during the episode, “Khloé has a little bit of a history with melanoma and cancerous lesions, so this on her face is very concerning to me.”

A photo of her scar from the removal of the cell on her face was also featured, revealing that the incision was almost four centimeters long.

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Multiple friends and family members like Kris and Kendall Jenner and BFF Malika Haqq shared their “concern” over Khloé’s melanoma. While Malika admitted she’s never seen the Hulu star “this low,” Kendall shared her worry about her sister’s sleep deprivation and weight loss.

“Melanoma is deadly. This was way more serious than I anticipated it to be,” Khloé said in a confessional clip.

That being said, the California native opened up about getting melanoma removed from her back when she was 19 years old.

When Did Khloé Kardashian Get Skin Cancer Removed?

Khloé told her online fans that she got the tumor removed from her face, which she first thought was a stubborn zit, via Instagram Stories in October 2022. The A-lister emphasized the importance of getting routine skin check-ups while discussing her experience.

The​ Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum took the healing process very seriously and was spotted rocking a bandage over the scar for months, even during red carpet events.

A Twitter user told Khloé how proud she was of her “rocking her band-aid,” leading the entertainer to respond in November 2022.

“Trust me it’s not easy lol but it will help my scar not stretch out any bigger than it has to be. right now it’s healing so wonderfully,” she wrote. “I do laser treatments on it and it’s healing so so well. They want me to wear it for six months but I’m not sure I will go that long.”

In September 2023, Khloé updated fans that she was “completely cancer free” and applauded surgeon Dr. Garth ​Fisher removing the tumor. She also shared photos via Instagram of the indent the procedure left on her face before it got filled.

“Not that we needed the arrow to show the huge indentation on the side of my face but because we had to remove a tumor from my cheek, I was left with an indentation,” she wrote. “I am definitely not complaining because I would rather have an indentation than melanoma any day. I am so incredibly grateful to all the doctors who helped and continue to help me with my skin cancer journey.”