Normally we wouldn’t think twice about Khloé Kardashian sharing her health and fitness tips on social media. The 33-year-old reality star has impressed her fans with her ability to shed weight and gain muscle. She’s recently become more vocal about her passion for fitness with her show, Revenge Body, and her frequent Instagram selfies at the gym. But, the reality star has fans confused from her latest post.

News broke that the Kardashian sister is pregnant last month, and of course, part of pregnancy is having a baby bump. Yet, Khloé seems to be a bit unclear about that natural step of the process. Watch the video below to see why fans are questioning the star after her latest post!

Um, Khloé? How do you expect to have a “flat tummy” when you’re pregnant. That’s the question on ever fan’s mind right now. This isn’t the first time she’s discussed which foods people should eat to attain washboard abs. In fact, she’s been very open about how diet has a direct impact on our bodies.

“There’s nothing more frustrating than having all your fitness and diet efforts sabotaged by BLOAT,” the star wrote in the post. “Those baby abs will never see the light of day if they’re hidden behind water retention, honey!” She advises her followers to eat foods like avocado, tomato, ginger, and oats. “Oats balance the bacteria in your gut,” she explained, “ … which improves your digestive system and works wonders to reduce the bloat.”

We’re thankful for her diet tips (seriously we’re taking notes!) but doesn’t all that change once you get pregnant? No amount of oatmeal or ginger tea is going to make a baby bump any smaller. Maybe, she’s just trying to give advice to her fans even though it won’t benefit her much right now? We’re not sure what’s going through her mind right now, but we do hope she’ll show off her bump soon!