Things are getting ~spiritual~ on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. During the upcoming episode on June 16, Kim Kardashian recruits help for her psoriasis from the Medical Medium (real name Anthony William). He’s a podcast host, author and a connector to the supernatural, and the reality starlet thought he would be a great option to help with her flare-ups.

“Have you heard of the Medical Medium?” Kim, 38, asked Kourtney Kardashian before he arrived. The KKW Beauty founder explained, “The Medical Medium can talk to spirits but he is not a real doctor. I am all about mediums, I’m so obsessed. Anyone that knows me knows that I love connecting to the spirit world. So, yeah, if he can tell me anything about my psoriasis and how to fix it, I’m down to see what happens.”

Courtesy of Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Anthony arrived and assured the Kardashian sisters that he was a “real medium.” Kim started showing him the large patches of where her psoriasis was breaking out and confessed that she started getting spots on her money maker. “When it gets to my face there’s a problem,” she acknowledged. After giving the Selfish author a full spiritual examination, he recommended that she start drinking celery juice. As many fans know, the starlet has abided by this and has shared photos and videos of herself guzzling the green concoction.

Kim Kardashian celery juice instagram story

Celery juicing is actually a huge wellness trend among celebs right now. Anthony and other believers of the natural remedy tout its benefits for everything from debloating and clear skin to more serious conditions like Epstein Barr. The Medical Medium gave Life & Style exclusive advice on how to get the most out of consuming celery juice.

First, he recommends drinking 16 ounces of the beverage first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and don’t let it sit for more than 24 hours before knocking it back. Most importantly, keep it pure. “It has to be in its basic simple form,” Anthony explained. This includes adding ice or mixing in other fruits, veggies or supplements. The guru added, “You’ll see trendsetters that bank on their products. They’ll throw collagen in it because they want to sell their collagen … they’re just hurting the chronically ill if people actually get the wrong message and destroy it.”

Leave it to Kim to find the most interesting remedies!