On Monday, March 11, Kim Kardashian shared a video of her “psoriasis face,” while she was out and about and on Sunday, March 17, she did it again.

The reality star, 38, posted a selfie onto her Instagram Story while still in bed and captioned it, “morning psoriasis.” Kim has been suffering from flare-ups recently, though she was first diagnosed with the skin condition nearly eight years ago. The socialite documented her diagnoses in a 2011 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, when she visited a dermatologist after a rash suddenly appeared on her legs.

Courtesy of Kim Kardashian/Instagram

She was surprised at the results. “When the doctor tells me I have psoriasis, I have heard of it before because my mom has always had it but my mom didn’t have like red, flaky dots all over her,” she said on the show at the time.

Naturally, she was worried about how this would affect her life. “My career is doing ad campaigns and swimsuit photo shoots, she continued. “People don’t understand the pressure on me to look perfect. When I gain a pound, it’s in the headlines. Imagine what the tabloids would do to me if they saw all these spots.”

Flash forward to 2019 and Kim is flaunting her psoriasis and being brutally honest with fans. In December 2018, she took to Twitter to ask for advice on treatment for it, so despite the fact that she seems more accepting of the flare-ups, she still wants them gone. “I think the time has come I start a medication for psoriasis. I’ve never seen it like this before and I can’t even cover it at this point. It’s taken over my body,” she wrote on Twitter. “Has anyone tried a medication for psoriasis & what kind works best? Need help ASAP!!!”

It’s been three months since then and Kim is still struggling, but she doesn’t let it stop her. You go, girl!