Like mother, like daughter! When it comes to the Kar-Jenner kiddos, having a passion for fashion at a young age isn’t entirely uncommon. After all, they have some of the most stylish parents in the game. However, Kim Kardashian‘s daughter North West takes things to a whole new level and the KUWTK star, 34, loves it!

“I didn’t think my daughter’s love for my clothes and jewelry would happen so soon,” Kim wrote on Thursday, May 2. “I’ll literally be working and come home to find North dressed up in all of my things,” she continued. 

So, what’s an A-lister to do when her child keeps raiding her closet? Commission a designer for custom pieces, obviously. “I made her these kid size @carolinalemkeberlin sunglasses because I really wouldn’t share mine lol! I love my fashionista Northie so much!”

Sweet? Yes. Genius? Also, yes. This is why they pay Kim the big bucks, y’all. Of course, fans of the KKW Beauty Mogul flocked to her post to show Nori some well-deserved praise. “She is a fashion icon already,” one user commented. “North is really a forever mood, huh?” added another.

Yes, she certainly is! This isn’t the first time Kim has shown off North’s fashion chops on social media. In fact, on April 24, she shared a hilarious post of her 5-year-old having a meltdown after Kim wouldn’t let her wear — wait for it — thigh-high snakeskin boots.

“Soooo, Miss North dressed herself and thought she was ready for the day, until I explained she couldn’t wear my boots,” Kim captioned the funny mother-daughter moment.

Don’t worry, North, you’ll be rocking some boss designer boots with the best of ‘em before you know it. In the meantime, enjoy those custom Yeezy sneakers your dad keeps making you, OK?

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